ORAIMO-20000mAh Power Bank OPB-P205D Fast Charging-BLACK

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【About Product】
* Battery Cell Type: Lithium battery

* Capacity: 20000mAh (74Wh)
* Input 1 (Micro USB): 5V-2A
* Input 2 (Type-c): 5V-2A
* Output 1 (USB): 5V 2.1A MAX
* Output 2 (USB): 5V 2.1A MAX

20000mAh High Capacity (Say Goodbye To Battery Anxiety)
20000mAh large capacity, filled to the brim with power. It's a powerbank with no hassle and only great performance and experience.

2.1A Fast Charging (Worry free Charging)
Dual USB output with oraimo high-speed charging technology charge two devices at the same time without sacrificing charging speed.

Dual Recharging Modes (Quickly Replenish Energy)
It comes with Type-C and Micro-USB two recharging ports. Juice up your power bank with any cable you happen to have on hand.

Large Power Display (Larger And Clearer)
Know the remaining charge with the larger display, never worry about dead phones again.

Anti-Scratch Texture (Reliable and Durable)
Oraimo special anti-scratch design is resistant to stains and scratches, which can also keep the modern look and fits comfortably in your hand.

Low-Current Charging Mode (Considerate And More)
Safely charge low-current devices such as TWS, smartwatch and electric toothbrush for 2 hours.

Multi-Protection (Safe And Superb)
Oraimo powerbank uses high quality batteries, which can easily deal with overcharge, high temperature and other abnormal conditions. Multiple protection makes charge banks and digital devices safer.

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