TRANSPARENT Smart Watch GTS2 Health Tracking Sport Tracking Message Notifications

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【About Discount】

【About Product】

* Model:
* Bluetooth Version:
* Screen Size: 
1.69 Inch Color Screen
* Touch Type: 
All Touch
* Waterproof Level: 
* Charging Time: 
2.5 Hours
* Battery Life: 8 Days

* Appearance Material: 
Zinc Alloy + Silica Gel
* Bracelet Size: 

【About Features】
Health Tracking
Sport Tracking
Message Notifications
Watch Face Center
Absorption Charging
Heart Rate Detection
Sleep Monitoring
Message Notification
Pressure Monitoring
100 Sport Modes
Exercise Data
MET. Activity Equivalent

Watch face
You can long-press the screen on the home page of the device to enter the "Switch watch face" interface to switch between different types of watch faces. And you can download and change more personalized watch faces in the "Watch Face Market" in the APP.

This equipment provides 100 sports modes, including indoor running, outdoor running, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, walking, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, elliptical machine, hiking, yoga, climbing, strength training, and free exercise, Etc. You can customize and add your favorite sports modes to the device.

Functional application
Swipe left on the home page or tap the physical button to enter the function menu interface, swipe up and down to select the corresponding function icon, and click to enter the corresponding function. Features include exercise, recording, heart rate, blood pressure research, blood oxygen, temperature, sleep, pressure, breathing training, MET, weather, information, music control, timer, stopwatch, calculator, alarm clock, find phone, flashlight, Etc.

1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, start the "Runmefit" APP, and grant the GPS positioning permission, message notification permission, Etc.;

2. Light up the screen of the device and keep it as close to the phone as possible;

3. Click "Add Device" on the APP, and select the corresponding device model in the search results to bind;

4. Confirm or agree to the binding request on the device;

5. Fill in your information in the APP, set your step goal, and complete the binding.

The APP will synchronize the device's historical data and present it as a graph for you to view.

 GTS2 smartwatch (built-in lithium battery)
* User manual
* Charging card holder (magnetic charging cable).

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