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For All Items Orders Within Lagos Below 200,000Naira : 
Gets a free hand sanitizer Or 500Naira Free Call Card
For All Items Orders Within Lagos Above 200,000Naira : 
Gets a Trast 100 ML Perfume Or 1000Naira Free Call Card
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For All Items Orders Outside Lagos Below 200,000Naira : 
Gets a free hand sanitizer Or 500Naira Free Call Card
For All Items Orders Outside Lagos Above 200,000Naira : 
Gets a Trast 100 ML Perfume Or 1000Naira Free Call Card
[Within 5 days after the payment of your order, we will recharge your number]

【About Product】

SIZE: 29*38*4
CATEGORY: Business
SHAPE: Horizontal square

* Very Fashionable: Sleek and elegant look
* Resistant: A tough leather to protect unwanted cuts, surface water blockage (waterproof) makes it better to be carried around at any time.
* Eco-friendly: Weather relative issues can cause other bags to sink or expand their original size. this bag is made to withstand climatic conditions and still stand its originality
* Multiple internal Pockets: Laptop, files, documents, fit. Including smaller pockets for cards and other important items
* Material (PU leather): Very well compact, durable material, made with metal hook and hanging strap hook.
* Straps: This gives a versatile alternative to carrying this bag, from shoulder strap to hand grip strap.
* Spacious: the space in the bag can fit a laptop with ease. Different sizes of internal pockets also ensures that all items are organized and fitted properly 
* Zipper lock: The best zipper security (brass zipper) is well fitted to bring two openings of the bag to a close.
* Metal strap(hanging strap) hook: The metal strap hook makes it easier to remove the strap and wash it,
* External pocket: Quick access to keep or remove wallet, tabs, receipts, and more without opening the bag.
* Magnetic pin lock: No need to always make use of the zip, quick close security.

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