DYQUE Solar Energy New Power System 5-IN-1

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After you place order, we will have a DYQUE professional solar consultant contact you to provide you with the most suitable solar solution......

DYQUE All in One Solar System

Dyque Cube all-in-one solar system is a versatile plug-and-play solar energy system that is great for seamless home and business electricity usage. If you are looking for a simple-to-install/use electricity system that can enable you to enjoy electricity on your own terms, DYQUE Solar may be the right choice for you. It comes with 5KW Inverter, 8 KWH Battery pack, GATEWAY DGW-SP, and Installation package.

With V2X bi-directional charging capability, built-in inverter and stackable battery system, you can start from your financial capability level and upgrade in minutes anytime the need arises.

Scale according to business requirements

  • Battery modules stackable

  • Large capacity

  • High energy density

Design Stylish and compact Install Simple and fast

Guided quick connectors between battery modules auto plug once stacked. Replacing hand-wiring and saving installation time. DC-DC Optimizer in each battery pack allows for parallel connections of packs. Supporting mixed use of old & new batteries and various cell vendors, capacities & SOH/SOC. Eliminating cask effect for users and simplifying warehouse management for distributors.

  • System Expansion

    Stackable for Easy
  • 15 mins

    Stackable Installation
  • 5 mins

    Fast commissioning
  • 2 mins

    OTA system upgrade
  • 1-click

    Full system scan

DYQUE is committed to becoming an excellent supplier of global one-stop solar & renewable energy solutions; DYQUE is always customer-centric, perfectly combining high-quality components with the latest ESS (Energy Storage System) products. DYQUE‘s advantages are reducing procurement costs for customers in Africa, providing strong supply chain support and providing reliable, professional one-stop service.


Targeting rooftop and small ground markets, DYQUE is dedicated to building
DYQUE into a leading one-stop technical solutions in Africa.
DYQUE is committed to becoming the world's leading green energy supplier
in PV business.


DYQUE's aim to become the most user-centric energy enterprise.