[FREE GIFT - CHARGER OR 2,000 AIRTIME] SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 5 Android Smart Mobile Phone With 256GB+8GB & 512GB+12GB

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Within Lagos - When you buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, you get a free transparent umbrella.
(Gifts will be delivered with the order upon delivery)

Outside Lagos - When you buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, you get a free 2,000 airtime.
(Airtime will be sent to the customer's number 3days after successful delivery of the order)


Galaxy AI

Welcome to the era of mobile AI. With Galaxy Z Flip5 in your hands, you can unleash whole new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility — starting with the most important device in your life. Your smartphone

Small on size. Big on personality.

Flex the pocket-perfect and powerful Galaxy Z Flip5. With its innovative design, this compact phone is packed with a big personality.

Galaxy Z Flip5 in Flex Mode and seen from the Flex Window with a frame clock style on its display. A woman pulls a folded Galaxy Z Flip5 from her jacket's front pocket. Its display shows a customized frame clock style Flex Window.

Fresh colors,
foldable form

With eight shades to choose from, Galaxy Z Flip5 makes a statement and shows off your unique style. Add an extra pop of personality to your device with exclusive colors you can only find on samsung.


Two Galaxy Z Flip5 devices in Mint. One is folded like a tent and seen from the rear panel. The second is folded and partially obscured by the first device. Next, a close up of the Rear Camera. Next, a close up of the Flex Hinge.

Three Galaxy Z Flip5 devices each feature different colorfully customized Flex Window interfaces.

Meet the new Flex Window

  • Do more with Flex Window, the convenient 3.4" cover screen. Reply to messages with a full keyboard, make calls, check the weather forecast and even access your wallet.

    Cross gestures are used to navigate various apps and widgets on the Flex Window. On the home screen, swiping to the right pulls up Notifications. Pulling down reveals the Quick Panel. Returning to the home screen, a swipe to the left toggles through widgets, like Samsung Health Steps and a Calendar with interactive menu features. Finally, swiping up from the home screen opens Samsung Wallet.

Style your Flex Window

Customize your device with your favorite widgets, video wallpapers, clock faces and more to make your Galaxy Z Flip5 uniquely you.

Your bestie for
stunning selfies

Stellar selfies made easy with Flex Window

Capture the moment, even when your phone is closed. Snap, review and edit your pics, all from the Flex Window right on the cover.

Wide and bright
low-light video

The Wide Camera on Galaxy Z Flip5 brings more of the scene into frame whether open or closed. Plus, with Nightography video at 60 fps, losing sunlight doesn't mean losing
out on quality.

Cutting-edge innovation

5th generation foldable technology utilizing advanced, time-tested folding innovation.

Built to withstand

Out-of-the-box screen protection

Worry-free screen repair

Conveniently compact. Impressively productive.

A large cover screen and sleek foldability pack big innovation into a pocket-sized productivity powerhouse. One-hand control keeps you efficient even when folded.

A selfie is portrayed in the photo preview interface of the Flex Window. Shortcut icons and …

Designed with the planet in mind

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5 feature a wider variety of recycled materials than their previous generations, including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastics, sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles



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